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Nikki Beach Lifestyle presented the next edition of its signature fashion series, What Women Want, which featured the artistic Spring / Summer 2013 collection by Peace Love World, Saturday, April 27th at 7pm.

Today, Peace Love World is more than just a symbol on a shirt; it is a way of life. Every garment is branded with positive affirmations and infused with love in the form of eight embroidered dash-marks, one dash for every letter in the word โ€œloveโ€ and one for every letter of the word โ€œamor.โ€ In just four years, the brand has garnered a strong celebrity following and has achieved worldwide recognition!

These fashion show events are free to the public with invite/RSVP. For more information regarding future events, go to

Here are some photos as seen on the scene! Enjoy!

Lovely Leslie/ Twitter: @IJust_LoveThis /Instagram Hashtag: #Sobesavvy

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