@SLSSouthBeach Presents @LeiMarco for #ArtWeekMiami, Recap by #SobeSavvy


On Tuesday, December 3, Guests arrived at SLS Miami Beach, 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach for a fashion show like no other !

The theatrical couture designer, LeiMarco strutted his stuff at the hippest hotel in town while presenting his 2014 Pret-A-Couture MMXIV Collection for both men and women during Art Basel Week. LeiMarco got his inspiration for his new 2014 collection from world events, especially the oppression of women in the Middle East. Burkas like you have never seen before will cover gorgeous models. As the show reaches a crescendo, the beautiful bodies will no longer be hidden, but in plain sight. The underlying message is that women should be allowed to showcase their bodies proudly with freedom of expression and not hide their beauty. Women should come out of their cocoons and fly free in the world like a beautiful butterfly waiving their colorful wings. Red is focal color for the collection as it stands for strength and power! Also, amazing sparkling sheer fabrics have been personally selected by LeiMarco to show off the female form. Couture prices start at $5000 on up with the sky the limit depending on the client’s desires.

LeiMarco’s fashion events have always maintained their status as the most glamorous and inspiring events in the industry with a combination of cutting edge fashion and an eclectic mix of prominent guests. Expect no less during this dynamic Art Week show in Miami. For LeiMarco’s Couture Show, Anastasia the Great will do a live art performance creating one of her signature style portraits of Lei Marco using real 24 carat gold foil as her paint.

Here are a few pictures from this fashion show event. Enjoy!

‘Lovely’ Leslie Heigh~ Follow @IJust_LoveThis #SobeSavvy
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