#SobeSavvy Takes A Bite Out Of@Insomniacookies


Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there is an inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. Do you qualify for this disorder ? If so , what is one to do when it’s 2:30 am and you just can’t fall asleep but want something sweet ? GET WARM FRESH COOKIES DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR OF COURSE !! These cookies are also for the wide awake at 2pm crowd also !!
Insomnia cookies is the brainchild of Seth Berkowitz . According to their website https://insomniacookies.com , in 2003 from his dorm room while attending the University of Pennsylvania. Berkowitz started baking and delivering warm cookies to students late-night on campus… and Insomnia Cookies was born. They now have over 40 locations and their South Beach location at 1227 Washington Avenue is their newest.

During my visit I sampled their various cookies. They ranged from the classic chocolate chunk to the fun s’mores deluxe, double chocolate mint, snickerdoodle and everything in between.Yum yum yum! Melt in your mouth cookies that were a time machine that took me back to my childhood. While I was impressed with their lineup, I was even more impressed with the continual baking and constant preparation that goes into every guest receiving oven warm recently baked fresh cookies. Unlike their mall counterparts, they do not just give you cookies that have been sitting under the glass for the last 12 hours. Their cookies stay in a warming oven and are only removed from said oven when you place your order. This guarantees that warm and gooey homemade goodness like grandma used to make. Of course you can compliment your cookies with ice cream and milk of course.

They also deliver. That’s right, warm cookies delivered to your home until 2:45am. That’s hard to beat on a sleepless night with a sweet tooth. Pick up the phone and voila, cookies at your doorstep !

Enjoy my photo recap of their store and cookies!

‘Lovely’ Leslie Heigh / Freelance PhotoJournalist
The ‘Bon Vivant’ Blogger
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