#SobeSavvy #SummerCocktails Series : Vol1 #Besodelsol #Sangria @Sangriabesodelsol Review

untitledSummertime and the living is easy. I have found the perfect solution to make this Summer alot easier and relaxed. Sangria. That Spanish elixir that instantly brings to mind picnics and beach days. This week I tried a delicious new Sangria by Beso Del Sol. I invited a few close friends to join me for sunset with sangria on the bay here in Miami. I decided to forgo boring ice cubes and instead added fresh frozen fruit to each cup. That way by the time the cups were empty we all had sangria infused fruit to snack on. Yum. It was unanimous, Beso Del Sol Sangria was a hit. On their website, http://www.besodelsolsangria.com/ the company states :

Beso del Sol is the first premium 100% natural Sangria with a bag-in-a-box on the market. In addition to a great taste, an attractive modern design, Beso del Sol offers buyers a better value. Each 3L box of Sangria is the equivalent of four bottles of 750ml bottles and retails for about $20. Additionally, the technology used ensures that each sip is fresh– from the first to the last. The wine stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening.

What’s not to like ? SALUD ! Enjoy a few pics from my impromptu sangria/sunset gathering on the bay.









One thought on “#SobeSavvy #SummerCocktails Series : Vol1 #Besodelsol #Sangria @Sangriabesodelsol Review

  1. Sharon Ray says:

    A refreshing Sangria you can enjoy anytime, but it was perfect for unwinding with the summer breeze and beautiful sunset!


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