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I entered in the The Great Mother’s Day Giveaway contest held by Morena Bella Skincare (https://www.facebook.com/MorenaBellaSkincare) & The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club ( https://www.facebook.com/beautifulbrowngirls) and won!
“Congratulations Leslie you are our great mother’s day giveaway prize winner! You will receive a gift basket of Morena Bella’s cleanser, toner, and moisturizer”

As I said in my contest entry: “My mom, age 60 and myself, age 40 both believe in the importance of skin care because putting your best foot/face forward leaves a lasting impression. My mom has led by example on how to keep my skin healthy, refreshed, youthful looking and how to let my beauty radiate from the inside out.” I was happy to have been chosen but also thankful as I was in need to change my regimen and try some new skin care products.

Morena Bella which means “Brown Beautiful” is a Natural Skincare line developed for skin of color. They share with consumers the secret to having healthy, flawless skin is simple. Nurture the skin through cleansing, toning, exfoliating, hydration, moisturizing and protecting. The products are paraben/hydrquino free, no harsh chemicals used and were not tested on animals.

More details about their products can be found on their web site at http://www.morenabellaskincare.com and you can also Follow @morenaskincare.

I am pleased with the product and how it has made my face feel thus far. I believe in keeping my brown skin beautiful and believe that with Morena Bella Skincare, I am on the journey to keeping my skin healthier, brighter glowing and (in my Beyonce voice ) “FLAWLESS” !

Here are some pictures/my review after using the Basic Facial Treatment collection along with the Gentle Essence Silk Exfoliating Gel. Enjoy!

‘Lovely’ Leslie Heigh ~ Freelance Photojournalist ~ Bon Vivant Blogger ~ Follow @IJust_LoveThis

***Look how elegant the packaging is. I loved learning that the products are packaged in recyclable bottles and jars and packaging supplies for shipping are recycled . I received the basket customized for my skin type , Normal to Dry/Sensitive





***I prepped warm water to cleanse my face with Daily Nourishing Cleansing Foamer. The Cleanser is infused with revitalizing nutrients such as Rose Hip Seed Oil. It has a pleasant scent and a little went a long way to unclog my pores and refresh the skin.




***Next up Toner, a step I often chose to forget because most products are too harsh for my sensitive skin. This gentle toner has CoQ10 which is essential to the health of skin. Toner strengthens texture and restores the skin’s ability to hold moisture. I will no longer skip this step because I loved the way my face felt after using it.




***After cleansing and toning the skin it was time to exfoliate. Again, my sensitive skin always looks red after using scrubs that end up being too rough on my face. Morena Bella Skincare has a revolutionary formula to exfoliate the skin with their Gentle Essence Silk Exfoliating Gel. It’s gentle and very different from most exfoliants because it’s water based gel is infused with botanical agents and is non abrasive. The gel turns white after 30 secs to a minute and I simply sloughed off the dead cells by gently moving my fingers in a circular motion over the face/neck and décolletage. I immediately saw results and will never look to using abrasive scrubs on my face again!



***Last but not least, moisturizer is a step NOT to skip if you want an effective way to hydrate the skin for that radiant look. True to its name, The Ultimate Moisturizer is formulated to deliver maximum results. It was just the right consistency for me, not too thick and not to thin. Has a nice fragrance and left my skin feeling healthier and more youthful.



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