#SobeSavvy #SummerCocktails Series: Vol 2 My #DateNightIn with #ByeJoe and #Basketball @byejoespirits


My husband and I are big Miami Heat fans. With the playoffs upon us, we decided to have a date night in with the theme : ByeJoe and Basketball. Instead of beer and pizza, we ordered Asian wings and handcrafted our own cocktails using ByeJoe Red. While most of you know what the sport of basketball is, many of you may not have heard of ByeJoe. Just as Buddha became awakened, let me enlighten you to what ByeJoe is.

ByeJoe is a handcrafted, small batch spirit that hails from South China. Made from 100% red sorghum grain, this clear spirit is the reinvention of the traditional baiju for contemporary palates. ByeJoe is available in ByeJoe Red and ByeJoe Dragon Fire which is the original spirit infused with dragon fruit, lychee and fresh hot chilis.

For the first half of the game, we enjoyed the spirit of china in the form of a shot/shooter mixed drink cocktail which we named THE #byejoe BLOSSOM. Prepared as follows:

Take 2 parts peach nectar + 1part ByeJoe Red. Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for 5 secs. Strain into a shot glass. Enjoy!


At halftime, it was time to prepare our next cocktail. We thought it would be apropo to feel the burn and make a Miami Heat cocktail using ByeJoe Dragon Fire! For the second half of the game, we wanted to try a martini. How about a Byejoe Dragon Fire Lychee martini ? Yes ! We called our creation, the ” White Hot Heat”.

2 parts Lychee Juice, 1 part Pear nectar and 1 part Byejoe Dragon Fire. Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for 5 secs. Strain into a martini glass with one small lychee fruit in the bottom. Enjoy!


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