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” Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch Is Dead”. Seven of the most iconic words in cinematic history can be heard on the big screen tomorrow 1/14/2015. Thanks to TCM and Fathom Events the 75th anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz is being celebrated in select theatres nationwide one last time tomorrow.

It’s being shown here at Regal Cinema on Lincoln Road. My family and I went on Sunday to the 2pm showing and had a great time. Our little one had seen it on TV and VHS {Yup, VHS} before but like ourselves we had never saw it as it was meant to be seen. On the big screen. TV just doesn’t do it justice. It was filmed before TV even existed. It is being shown in the exact aspect/Film Ratio as it was in 1939. The colors bolder. The ruby slippers more shiny and well.. The witch more scary.

The musical score came alive in the cinema. We ate popcorn and sang along to almost every single song. Judy Garland was just 16 when the movie was made. I have a new appreciation for her genuine unmatched talent. I have always said if I ever meet a martian who landed on earth who asks me, ” what is a movie”?, I will simply play The Wizard Of Oz. After exiting the movie we were caught in a sudden rain shower while walking/running home. Once safely inside our house, my 3 yr old said “there’s no place like home”! And there is NOTHING better than the magical Wizard Of Oz.

20150113_205306 - Copy

20150113_205851 - Copy



You can catch it tomorrow at Regal Cinemas on Lincoln Road at 2pm or 7pm. Use this link to pre purchase your tickets. Enjoy the magic. http://www.fathomevents.com/event/the-wizard-of-oz-75th-anniversary

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