A Spotlight On @AntjPhotog Latest #Photography Project~ Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents– Me, Leslie ! @IJust_LoveThis #SobeSavvy #BlackHistoryMonth


During my Christmas Eve 2014 gathering at my home, my friend, Anthony Jordon Jr. , Freelance Photographer & Social Media Consultant, spoke of some new photographic challenges in 2015 and requested my help. Because of his passion for photography and my respect for his talent, I definitely wanted to be of assistance!

He explained how over the past year, he observed people (myself included) doing some absolutely amazing things and because of this, decided to feature me along with 27 other individuals, one per day, beginning February 1, 2015. Needless to say I was humbled, honored and willing to help!

This project, titled “Highlighting Our Community: South Florida Represents”   is his personal project being featured on most of his social media platforms to include Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter,  WORDPRESS  and Facebook. 

In time with Black History Month, his goal with this project is to show more positive highlights about the things people of color are doing in South Florida.  Why people of color? He stated,  “My entire life goal has been to embrace the diversity that is around me daily. Through this project I am aiming to make diversity more apparent and relevant to everyone I interact with on all of my social media platforms.  Through this project, I hope to expose more people to the many different people of color that live in our world, and especially those whom I feel are making a positive impact in society.”

The project encompassed a mini-photo shoot with him in Miami,FL (my location was Lincoln Road located on South Beach) as well as my very own 8″ x 10″ print to be delivered in March. I am excited to share my feature, as well as others, is posted on his photography website http://antjphotog.500px.com and it shares some tidbits about me based on a few questions he provided. 

It was a wonderful experience working with Anthony Jordon Jr. Always professional, positive and purposeful with his photography! Check out his other works here…


Soul Of Miami






..and feel free to reach out to him for your photography needs. Let him know SobeSavvy.com sent you! 

Here is his selected photograph, made with love, from the shoot! Thank you Anthony and Happy Valentine’s Day….
Photo Credit Anthony Jordon

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