#Miami ! This Friday, Get Ready to #GetHard or Go Home! @GetHardMovie Starring @KevinHart4real @WillFerrel ~ Advanced Screening Recap by #SobeSavvy .com


Go Hard, Laugh Hard and go see Get Hard! Will Ferrell gets an education in incarceration from Kevin Hart in this Warner Bros. Pictures’ comedy.
This movie is about a millionaire,  James King who after being nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. The coin themselves ” Mayo” and “Chocolate”. Get Hard is a buddy film. One going to jail and the other prepping him to go to jail.

The jokes and gags do the seemingly impossible. They offend every possible racial, ethnic and sexual orientation group. Equal homophobic and racist at the same time. It is done in a very lighthearted way. No cruelty or malice intended. Some critics have taken these jokes too seriously ,while I just enjoyed the silliness of it all. I laughed and audience goers around me laughed even harder.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell have a comedic chemistry on screen which made for an enjoyable movie. These supporting cast members:  Craig T. Nelson who played Martin Barrow, the founder of Barrow Funds (Ferrell’s character’s boss) and also the father of Ferrell’s character’s fiancee, Alison Briesigned who plays the fiancee of Ferrell’s character, Edwina Findley acts as Rita Hudson, wife to Hart’s character , Dan Bakkedah played Rick, Ferrell’s hated frenemy at their office and T.I. who played a character named Joaquin, Hart’s character’s streetwise cousin….. all added to the funny!

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So get ready to laugh hard at Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in Get Hard. Showing in movie theaters this Friday, March 27th !


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