Celebrate #NationalCocoaDay @AmorinoUSA in #Raleigh ! #TasteAmorino #soNCsavvy

Cocoa lovers rejoice! Today is National Cocoa Day, where people across the country celebrate their favorite cold weather comfort drink, hot cocoa. And if you are in Raleigh, I know just the place you should go to have the perfect hot chocolate experience : Amorino Raleigh

Located on the ground floor of the Edison Lofts on Davie Street, Amorino is a wonderful edition to Downtown Raleigh for anyone looking for an authentic Italian dessert spot! When I lived in Paris about 13 years ago I established some basic daily eat and drinking habits. One of those were that just about every other day I would wander down the street behind my apartment on Blvd St Germain to get THE best gelato I had ever tasted at this charming Artisanal gelato shop named Amorino. It was a flavor called Amarena. It looked like vanilla but tasted like the most delicious cherry you could ever imagine. Pure heaven. Every single time I return to the city of lights, it is my first stop when I arrive. So when I visited this new location, I kept the tradition of tasting my favorite gelato flavor. There are so many delicious flavors to choose from and they will allow you to try a free sample.

Amorino is so much more than gelato. It is also a superb coffee and
dessert shop. The decor is beautiful, inviting and warm complete with a fireplace to sit by on a cold winter day. Waffles, crepes, macarons and sorbet are available also to enjoy, but on this day we were all about trying the infamous Hot Chocolate Experience.

Because sometimes a cup of hot chocolate is not enough, Amorino has created the Chocolate Experience: a cup of hot chocolate, whipped cream with cocoa powder, marshmallows, chocolate macaron, a piece of chocolate and a grater. This way, you can customize your hot chocolate the way you like it !


The Hot Chocolate Experience was so fun to enjoy with my little one. We learned that the whipped cream is made fresh in house. Rich creamy and just sweet enough, it was the perfect warm
drink on a cold December afternoon. This is indeed an experience not to be
missed. So the next time you are in downtown Raleigh stop by Amorino and treat
yourself to something

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