#SobeSavvy Interviews famed artist, @HebruBrantley at @Hublot Event

SobeSavvy had the pleasure of attending a cocktail and networking event at Hublot’s Bal Harbour Boutique. We had the opportunity to meet and interview famed artist Hebru Brantley on Fri Dec 6, 2013 . Hublot partnered with Brantley and the Mourning Family Foundation for Art Week Miami. There were art pieces on display and he donated an original piece to Tracy and Alonzo Mourning to benefit Mourning Family Foundation.
Mr. Brantley’s art can only be described in one word. Different.The famed Chicago-based artist transformed the luxury Swiss watch boutique into his own palette of imagination.
His website www.http://hebrubrantley.com describes it as..”a creative process akin to free-form journaling, using a variety of surfaces and media including wood, spray paint, coffee and tea. His work delves into political and social issues with a conscious focus on playful insight and the optimism and possibilities of youth”. I found his work colorful, playful and striking.

I interviewed Mr Brantley at the event:

What convinced you to partner with Hublot Watches ?

..”They are not a conventional brand and I am not a conventional artist so it is perfect for me.”

Do you ever fear that commercialization will ever overshadow your actual art?

..”No, with me it is integrity first. I partnered with a brand like Hubolt because they are a luxury brand, They are not a Coke or Pepsi . My art may be whimsical or playful but my fans and buyers are serious collectors who have serious collections so I do not worry about that.”

Have you ever considered doing an animated series or short films ?

” I am working on it. Most people outside of America get their initial knowledge about America from cartoons and animated films.I want to do something that while it may be aesthetically pleasing more importantly I want it to be thought provoking.”

Enjoy the pics from the event and I want to say a special thank you to Mr Brantley who took time out of a very busy day for the interview.

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