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This past labor day hubby and I packed up the car and our 3 yr old and headed to Key West,Fl for some fun. While Key West may have it’s share of odd and colorful characters none can match what is found at 108 Duval Street. That is the home of Ripley’s Believe It or Not ! http://www.ripleys.com/keywest/

According to their literature, this location houses over 550 strange and unusual artifacts, exhibits and optical illusions on two floors.

Robert Ripley was an artist who was obsessed with traveling the globe. In 1920 he made his first trek across Europe. In 1925 he visitied the Orient and was fascinated with the Chinese and their culture. Visitors here will definitely feel and see his Asian interests. He was called the modern day Marco Polo. He was always in search of the unknown and the unbelievable. He brought back all sorts of items which are on display here.

We enjoyed too many of the exhibits to name. Our little one was able to manipulate some of their kids size exhibits ,so that made our visit even more special. Some of our highlights were The Bridle Collar, the toilet paper wedding gown and the worlds oldest mother. The lobby floor has various tiles with factoids on them, so don’t forget to look up and down during your visit. This attraction is open 365 days a year. Even on Christmas and New Years. Believe it or Not !

To see various clips of how some of their exhibits are manufactured and also theme days at different locations around the country check out their YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/RipleyWorld

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