#soNCsavvy Celebrates #BastilleDay @SimplyCrepes @LafayetteVil ~Recap by #SobeSavvy .com !


Are you looking for a place to celebrate the storming of Bastille and toast to French Independence? Then head over to one of my favorite french restaurants in the Triangle, Simply Crepes !


Located in North Raleigh’s quaint European-style village known as Lafayette Village, Simply Crepes serves unique and delicious crepes for breakfast, lunch and dinner ! This full service restaurant with 3 family owned locations is committed to giving patrons a quality dining experience in a relaxed and cozy environment, with a menu full of fresh, local, homemade ingredients. Per the Héroux family, you can expect a premium handcrafted experience that stems directly from co-founder, Karen Heroux, herself! The décor reminded me of a countryside home I once spent time in St Tropez, France.

In honor of the Fete Nationale, I ordered the French Kiss cocktail. Hubby got a glass of Vouvray white wine. We started with the Onion Soup Gratinee and my daughter had a small cup of the Creamy tomato Basil Soup. We all are soup lovers and we all loved the soups ! The cheese on the French Onion was superb. Also the red pepper hummus was delish. Our server Rebecca was very knowledgeable and more importantly our 4 yr old liked her ! We tried 3 of their main crepe entrees:Turkey and Smoked Gouda Cheese Crêpe*, Chicken Tarragon Crêpe and the Seafood Crêpe.

All 3 are unique unto themselves. All had varying flavor profiles which are reflected in their names. However what they all had in common was a superb, thin and light airy crepe encasing the interior goodness. I asked Rebecca about the crepe batter recipe and she advised it is a proprietory recipe that is held close to the vest. Having lived in Paris, I can attest that these crepes can hold their own against anything I have had on the banks of The River Seine. The young lady making the crepes was very confidant and competent in the artistry of crepemaking. Although we were full we could not depart before trying a few dessert crepes. We tried the Berries and Crème Crêpe.. It is described as “Crème brulée cream with freshly cut strawberries & blueberries. Finished with our fresh fruit sauces and whipped cream”…It was heaven. Hubby had to have the Oreo® Cookie Crumble Crêpe. It was exactly how you would imagine it and as a bonus it was filled with vanilla bean ice cream !! WOW.WOW.WOW.

My little one enjoyed a cup of creamy hot chocolate. Rebecca brought her crayons and a coloring sheet so Simply Crepes is more than welcoming for families and couples out on a causal romantic date. Want to go to Quebec or Paris without getting your passport stamped ? Than go over to Simply Crepes in Lafayette Village. You will leave with a smile on your face.

Raise your glass, head to Simply Crepes and join SobeSavvy.com in saying : Viva La France ! Enjoy these photos and slideshow from this magnifique dining experience !
























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