#OutandAboutAva enjoys #SundayFunday at #Adventurelanding @alraleigh #Familyfun #Raleigh ~#soNCsavvy Recap


Being a recent transplant and arriving here in Raleigh with our 4 yr old, we both kept asking folks where we could take her so she can have a good time. We kept getting the same answer… ADVENTURE LANDING !

So on a beautiful Sunday autumn afternoon, we headed down Capital Blvd to experience for ourselves what this place is all about. It is a mini amusement park in the best sense. Miniature golf, Go Carts, arcade games and much more. It has no admission cost. It is pay as you play. We opted for the “Quest Pass”. You get 3 attractions for the low price of $16.99. You do not have to use all of the pass on one visit. We did miniature Golf and the Go Kart on that day.

The golf course brings back memories of 50’s Americana. Huge zoo animal statues scattered throughout the multi level course. Hippos and alligators. Zebras and giraffes lurking around every corner. My 4 yr old loved it. They even had small kid sized golf clubs for the little ones. We gave her a speed course in golfing techniques and putting ! Apparently it worked since she was the only one of us who actually had a hole in 1 !

Next up was the Go Kart. They have single and double Go Karts. After getting some expert instruction from their expert pit crew we were off. Racing around hairpin turns and blazing fast straightaways ! Adrenaline was pumping as we competed to see how many laps we all could do. The carts handled like an F-1 race car. My little one had a ball as her braids blew in the afternoon sunshine. What a rush !!

Next time we will do the arcade games or laser tag. Maybe we will do the batting cage and have lunch at their expansive food/snack bar. The possiblities are endless at Adventure Landing. What are YOU waiting for? If adventure is what you seek, I have found the place to quench it. Adventure Landing is great fun for the entire family!
















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