@IndigoBaltimore, the perfect mix of Business #Travel and Pleasure! @HotelIndigo #VisitBaltimore ~A #soTravelsavvy #soDMVsavvy Recap


Indigo- a deep and bright color close to the color wheel blue (a primary color in the RGB color space), as well as to some variants of ultramarine.

Hotel Indigo Baltimore Downtown http://www.baltimoreindigohotel.com/ has pulled off what I consider to be an incredible feat. It is a chain hotel that somehow does not feel like a “chain”, i.e. cookie cutter property. I just returned from spending the weekend there. Guests immediately get the impression that this is a independent unique boutique hotel. Perhaps it is the fact that this property reeks of many things unique to Baltimore and no place else. Each and every bathroom here has a photo of the iconic Bromo Seltzer Tower building. This building used to be the old Baltimore YMCA. The original name is still carved into the exterior facade. In another nod to charm city, the walls are papered with ravens and Edgar Allen Poe.

Attention to style and design are apparent in the rooms and public spaces. Quirky table lamps and beautiful white wardrobes are just two examples. Speaking of Poe, one section of the main lobby is called The Library. It has dozens of book for guests to peruse during their stay and to read in their expansive sitting area.

Opposite The Library sits their in house restaurant and cocktail bar named Poets. Whether you want {or need} a handcrafted cocktail, like a Build Your Own Manhattan or a Del Mar Va Crab Cake Sandwich, it fulfills your libation or culinary need. I had room service twice during my stay and my meals arrived promptly and more importantly accurately.

Upscale bedding insured a great nights sleep and the blackout curtains worked wonderfully. The wide work desk accomodated my two work laptops with room to spare. Connectivity was a priority for me since I had to handle some business during my stay. I was pleased that connectivity within the property was well above average. High speed wifi and usb charging plugs are everywhere, even on the side of the table lamp. All my gadgets could charge up at once. To keep you energized, each room also has a Keurig individual pod coffee machine. THAT is impressive !

Aveda products in the bathroom with the spa inspired shower also adds to the overall luxurious boutique experience. They also have a sleek business center and a modern fitness center rounds out this awesome property. Style, flair and substance can all be had here. Whether for business or pleasure this newly renovated hotel will satisfy your lodging needs. I came to Baltimore this weekend to paint the town red. Instead, my color ended up being Indigo.



















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