#TastyThursday: Best #Sushi & #FriedChicken @BlueRibbon_west @theGroveLA #blueribbonsushi


California. People think of many things when conjuring up images of the golden state. Beautiful beaches. Movie Stars. Mountains and huge Sequoia trees.

When I hear that word, only one thing comes to mind. Sushi. Not just any sushi mind you, but world class sushi. California {besides Hawaii} is the closest an American can get to the Asian origin of sushi while still being on the mainland. Los Angeles has a plethora of sushi places, but only one caught our eye on this swing out to the left coast: Blue Ribbon Sushi !

Located in the The Grove shopping area adjacent to the famous Los Angeles Farmers Market , Blue Ribbon Sushi did not dissapoint. With hubby and 4 yr old in tow, we were promptly seated inside their attractive dining room. In addition to a classic sushi bar, they also have a full liquor/Sake bar area in the rear of the restaurant.

Usually restaurants kids’ menu leaves a lot to be desired but not here. Tiger shrimp, black vinegar glazed ribs just to name a few of their sophisticated, yet kid friendly choices.

My little one choose the filet of beef. It came with a side of sticky rice. High quality tender filet literally disappeared from her chop sticks in no time at all.



We decided to start with a bowl of miso soup (miso served on the side so that one can add as much or little paste as they want) and hamachi yellowtail w/Jalepeno & Ponzu Sauce. It was fresh and the jalepeno gave it the perfect “kick”.




Next up was a unique small plate of grilled avocado. It melted in our mouths with various salts and spices. It was warm to the touch. Pure heaven.



Crispy Rice Shrimp Toast w/Spicy Wasabi Mayo was also scrumptious.




Next up was their famous fried chicken. Yup, you read that right. They are known to have a unique type of fried chicken. The batter is hard to describe ,other than to just say it is a MUST have when dining here. It was a Bucket O’ Wings with delectable Wasabi Honey and House Chili Sauce. INCREDIBLY GOOD !!



We finished our incredible meal with their version of a Key Lime Pie a la mode. It tasted as good as it looks !


Next time you are in the City Of Angels make plans to dine here! We chose to sit inside but they do have outside seating, perfect for people watching or catching the musical fountain show. With locations in New York and Vegas, I am sure to dine here again and suggest you treat your tastebuds to their delicious cuisine!

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