@PapasPilar Rum for the Holidays! Try these #PilarRum Recipes

Holiday cheer comes in many forms. One form of that cheer comes in the form of rum. Not just any rum, but Papas Pilar Rum. Named after Ernest Hemingway’s 38 foot boat, this rum begins aging in American bourbon barrels but finishes up aging in Spanish Sherry casks. These details are just one of many that sets Pilar apart from others. Pilar has two distinctly different types of rum. Dark rum and Blonde rum. During this holiday season, our friends at Pilar Rum gifted SobeSavvy both rums in which I used to make one special cake and a few delicious drinks.

Who doesn’t like eggnog ? Well since no one is the answer, we kicked off a tree trimming party by inviting over a few friends. While hubby was playing Paul Bunyon with a saw on our christmas tree, I made a classic eggnog recipe with a twist. I call it the “Graham Cracker Nog” It starts off as your classic eggnog. Nutmeg, vanilla added to eggnog. Liberal amount of Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum. Take a few whole graham crackers and crush on a flat plate. Rim a martini glass with a lime and place glass upside down on plate to adhere the crust and voila. Pour in eggnog and watch your guest smile from each end of their mouth. ” It’s like the bottom of a pie crust !” Needless to say it was a huge hit !

Next up was a Christmas Rum Cake. I used a butter pecan cake mix and added instant vanilla pudding mix which gives it a moist yummy texture. 4 eggs, 1/2 cup water,1/2 cup canola oil and Use as much or as little Pilar Dark Rum as you please . I used a half cup in the batter. Whisk to smooth. Added crushed pecans to the bottom of my bundt cake pan so the top would be covered in them. In the oven at 350 for 45 mins. a 1/4 cup Pilar Dark, stick of butter, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup of sugar.Bring to a boil. Pour it over when the cake first comes out of the oven. VOILA..Party in a cake !!As guests were leaving, a few were my neighbors who lived within walking distance and they wanted a night cap. I made them a classic rum and coke using Pilar Blonde Rum. Their blonde is rich and creamy with hints of vanilla. It was SUPERB. Guests just assumed I had added other ingredients to the drink. Nope. Blonde is the perfect rum for those kind of cocktails.Thanks to Papas Pilar for sending some holiday cheer in the liquid form. Everyone loved the rum and toasted to the the holidays ! Cheers!

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