Introduce your child to #stemlearning fun with Botley the Coding Robot from @learninghandson #learningresources

Disclaimer: I received this product from Learning Resources for review, however the opinions are 100% my own (along with my kid’s two cents)

Various studies have shown that kids younger than 9 spend an average of two hours a day watching or playing
a device with a backlit screen. I am one parent who is constantly seeking ways for my daughter to disconnect and spend less time with tablets and more time in “real life”. I enjoy finding ways for her to expand her S.T.E.M. knowledge and I recently learned of a company whose mission is to help kids build educational skills!

#outandaboutAva unboxing the latest stem learning toy from Learning Resources, meet Botley the Coding Robot! | Photo Credit:

Learning Resources has been the leader in educational toys and for over 30 years, they have made learning fun for girls and boys! You can have any of their products conveniently delivered to your door as they are available to buy on Amazon. We recently got the chance to meet

Botley the Coding Robot for my 6 year year old, fondly referred to as #outandaboutAva on the blog, to learn more about coding in a fun, friendly way


Her first reaction was..”look at Botley, it’s so cute”. She loved the name and its design. Her and her Dad got right to reading the instructions, which was very easy to follow. This toy is ready to use right out the box.

No screen, app or download is needed. This colorful and charming little brains on wheels is programmed solely via a remote control programming transmitter.

My daughter can input various directions in various order commands. Once she finalizes his route, she hits transmit and Botley starts rolling per her pre input commands.
Botley has sensors that can avoid and stop prior to objects
or walls. Botley also makes quite a few delightful sounds and robotic laughs. Whether looping commands or one steps, Botley makes coding so much fun! If you are looking for the perfect entry to coding for your child starting at age 5, consider making Botley the Coding Robot the newest member of your child’s toy family


#outandaboutAva gives Botley the Coding Robot from Learning Resources a BIG Thumbs Up! | Photo Credit:

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13 thoughts on “Introduce your child to #stemlearning fun with Botley the Coding Robot from @learninghandson #learningresources

  1. Ola says:

    What an interesting system of learning. I like the educational toys that don’t require a computer, TV or other electronic gadget.


    • SobeSavvy says:

      Me too! Now that Spring is near, we prefer to do alot of outdoor acrivity as well. She is looking forward to taking this robot outside.


  2. terrihugg says:

    I love this! My son is only one and half now, but I look forward to giving this to him. I definitely don’t want him dependent on screen time.


  3. I love that parents have more options for STEM toys these days. My mom used to get us them from radio shack. Lol this looks like a fun toy that will keep kids busy for hours.


  4. Her face when she opened that box is priceless! We travel a lot during the summer so I try to expose Madison to different ideas through travel.. I’ve never asked her about STEM but I will now


  5. Sharon Ray says:

    Very interesting! To play and learn at the same time is a great connection to future ambitions! It looks like great family fun as well!


  6. cleverlychanging says:

    Her facial expression is everything! She looks so thrilled and excited. This was my first time learning about this STEM gadget but I love all toys that help kids engage their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


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