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Fathom Events and Bryton Entertainment are proud to bring In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen – The 75 Anniversary to select cinemas nationwide for a special one-night event on Tuesday, March 29.

SobeSavvy.Com headed to the movies to celebrate the historic heroes in this exclusive documentary event, which featured a panel discussion captured at the National Air Force Museum with Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. George Hardy, Former Administrator of NASA Col. Fred Gregory, as well as the producer Bryan Williams and director Denton Adkinson.

In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen – The 75th Anniversary features 16 Tuskegee Airmen as they recall their incredible experiences through emotional interviews, rare photographs, archival footage and computer-generated recreations. Experience the tales and exploits of America’s first African-American fighter pilots who, by flying the skies of the European Theater during World War II, broke racial barriers stateside.

I watched as the Airmen remembered being some of the first to begin the civil rights movement and living long enough to see the changes that would continue to resonate today. What made this special was that first person account of how many obstacles all of them had to overcome to earn their wings. Racist superiors who thought they were not brave or smart enough to be fighter pilots. In a twist of fate, no other than the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt also helped to advance their cause when she choose to actually be flown by one of the airmen. Perceptions changed, albeit slowly.

Most of them were tasked with being bomber escorts on missions. Protecting and making sure B-52’s delivered their bombs on target was essential for winning the war. The bomber crews were always happy to see the airmen who painted their plane tails red, so everyone called them the “Red Tails”. They proved their mettle to the nation only to come home after the war and still face the virulent racial injustices that was still prevalent.

These patriots paved the way for black aviators of the future. They are true American heroes. Great story and great documentary.

Check out “In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen Trailer” on YouTube

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One Night Only, #AlvinAiley #Dance in cinemas 10/22 @FathomEvents #LCMOVIES


This Thursday only, Ailey hits the big screen nationwide! Screenings of a full Ailey performance will be held at hundreds of cinemas across the U.S. on October 22 at 7pm local time.  Enter your zip code now to find the theater closest to you and purchase tickets:

Ailey’s film is one of four in a new series entitled “Lincoln Center at the Movies: Great American Dance,” presented by Fathom Events and Lincoln Center.

Captured before a live audience during Ailey’s recent Lincoln Center season, the performance includes four audience favorites – Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, Ronald K. Brown’s Grace, Robert Battle’s Takademe, and Mr. Ailey’s masterpiece, Revelations – as well as a look behind the scenes and exclusive interviews with the artists.

As a lover of all things Ailey, I am very excited to enjoy this performance in a unique , intimate setting. It’s like having a front row seat and a backstage pass all in one! Fathom Events is known for bringing one time speacisl events in Theaters near you at an affordable price . Be sure to stay connected so that you don’t miss out!


Yannick Lebrun. Photo by Andrew Eccles


Sarah Daley and Vernard J. Gilmore in Wayne McGregor’s ‘Chroma.’ Photo by Paul Kolnik

Hey #Miami! #SobeSavvy invites you to #TheWizardOfOz #MovieScreening #TCM @FathomEvents #FamilyFun @RegalMovies


” Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch Is Dead”. Seven of the most iconic words in cinematic history can be heard on the big screen tomorrow 1/14/2015. Thanks to TCM and Fathom Events the 75th anniversary of The Wizard Of Oz is being celebrated in select theatres nationwide one last time tomorrow.

It’s being shown here at Regal Cinema on Lincoln Road. My family and I went on Sunday to the 2pm showing and had a great time. Our little one had seen it on TV and VHS {Yup, VHS} before but like ourselves we had never saw it as it was meant to be seen. On the big screen. TV just doesn’t do it justice. It was filmed before TV even existed. It is being shown in the exact aspect/Film Ratio as it was in 1939. The colors bolder. The ruby slippers more shiny and well.. The witch more scary.

The musical score came alive in the cinema. We ate popcorn and sang along to almost every single song. Judy Garland was just 16 when the movie was made. I have a new appreciation for her genuine unmatched talent. I have always said if I ever meet a martian who landed on earth who asks me, ” what is a movie”?, I will simply play The Wizard Of Oz. After exiting the movie we were caught in a sudden rain shower while walking/running home. Once safely inside our house, my 3 yr old said “there’s no place like home”! And there is NOTHING better than the magical Wizard Of Oz.

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You can catch it tomorrow at Regal Cinemas on Lincoln Road at 2pm or 7pm. Use this link to pre purchase your tickets. Enjoy the magic.