Hey #NC ,Celebrate #FiestaDeCamotes at #SweetArielleBakery and Enjoy 2 Amazing #SweetPotato Recipes 

Disclaimer: “Fiesta de Camotes” is a promotion of the NC SweetPotato Commission and was funded through the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

Photo Credit: Stacey Sprenz Photography.

The Sweet Potato has long been a favorite staple in the homes of people from all walks of life. It is so versatile and can be used for a myriad of recipes and dishes. I personally love it in the form of a sweet potato pie or simply roasted. No matter which way you love your sweet potatoes, there is no doubt that this food needs to be celebrated for all its nutrients and health benefits. As the #1 sweet potato producing state in the United States since 1971, it is only right that we celebrate right here in the state of North Carolina. Here’s how+where you can celebrate:

Fiesta de Camotes” (translated to “Celebrating Sweet Potatoes”) is a month-long special event that invites us to celebrate the use of North Carolina sweet potatoes in Hispanic cuisine. From September 1 thru 30, 2017, twenty-two restaurants/bakeries will create and feature a dish that highlights sweet potatoes. Sounds delicious right?! 

Celebrating Fiesta de Camotes at Sweet Arielle Bakery & Chef Norma

One restaurant that caught my tastebuds attention to visit was Sweet Arielle Bakery, located at the South Durham Farmer’s Market. Open from 8am-12PM, this wonderful bakery will “sweet” you off of your feet! This past Saturday, which happened to be Mexico’s Independence Day, I met Norma, owner/chef and mom to Arielle, along with her husband Paul at her beautiful booth at the farmer’s market. A wonderful array of cookies, pastries and savory treats were on display in her glass case, but also samples were available to taste. The both of them were very excited to introduce their customers to the featured sweet potato dishes made especially for #FiestadeCamotes.

Saturday Morning at Sweet Arielle Bakery

Two dishes available at Sweet Arielle Bakery in celebration of #FiestadeCamotes are: Sweet Potato Tamales and Atolito de Camote , which is a warm drink made with sweet potatoes. This beverage can best be described as “liquid sweet potato pie”. One sip and you will add this to your favorite fall drink list. In the words of my daughter (in the short video clip below)…it was SO good! 

Next, I had the sweet potato tamales. It was the perfect balance of light sugar and flavors. The actual sweet potato was the star! On her website she states: “We never use sugar as a crutch, focusing instead on the quality and freshness of our ingredients and allowing the true flavors to shine.” That proved to be true once I had a taste of the delicious sweet potato tamales.

Chef Norma’s Sweet Potato Tamales are a delicious way to celebrate Fiesta de Camotes

After dining here, I must say no one is more passionate about making and sharing their wonderful dishes created from NC sweet potatoes than Sweet Arielle Bakery. I highly suggest you give yourself a treat today in the form of a sweet potato and try any of the amazing #FiestadeCamotes recipes found >>here. Make sure to make your way down to Sweet Arielle Bakery this Saturday at the South Durham Farmers Market to get some of those delicious Sweet Potato Tamales before I eat them all!

Leslie Heigh, Lifestyle/Food Blogger + Founder, SobeSavvy.com celebrates Fiesta de Camotes at Sweet Arielle Bakery in Durham, NC

For more information on the Fiesta De Camotes promotion event, visit website (www.ncsweetpotatoes.com). Don’t forget you have until the end of September to celebrate thruout NC. Share with your family & friends and discover new places to dine, great recipes to try and the many ways to enjoy NC sweet potatoes!