Alluring, Adventurous, Amorous, Amazing! #Amaluna @Cirque #CirqueduSoleil @SunLifeStadium #Miami thru Jan 25th ~ Recap by #SobeSavvy .com


Cirque du Soleil has brought Amaluna, their 33rd production to the magic city this month. It is an ode to the feminine. All female band and clearly over 60 % of the almost 50 member cast are women. Set under the big top near Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Amaluna was just as visually satisfying as their permanent shows in Vegas. There are some concessions they had to make due to this being a temporary touring version. With that being said my fellow ticket holders delighted in the shows mesmerizing acrobatics that Cirque du Soleil has become known for worldwide.



Amaluna is a beautiful visual orgy of all shades of blue. Without giving away too much of the plot, Amaluna is a story that has a princess and a queen. Moon cycles and water play an important part of the tale. The production has an energy and power that is definitely Frozen-esque. Aerialist abound everywhere. They drop out of seemingly nowhere to perform amazing spins twists and contortions. The music and images merge perfectly to give you a unforgettable experience. Everyone left the big tent with stars in their eyes and smiles on their faces.



I have attached their official trailer. Due to very strict no photography/video rules, I have only posted a few pics from outside the show.

You can get your tickets here :

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