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I am a stay at home mom of a 4..soon to be 5 year old, and while sahm life often has me focused on her needs, I must never forget to take care of me. Mothers ..women..everyone should make time for “me time” with a massage because it addresses so many issues that any ‘body’ could benefit from.
I was referred to Dre Vasquez of Massage & Healthy Living and was excited to book an appointment ASAP!

Dre greeted me with a friendly smile and offered me some water or tea. I love tea and was immediately impressed by the variety of herbal teas offered. 
I filled out the paperwork required in the comfortable sitting area and noticed how feng shui the decor was. The massage studio is inside WellPath Acupuncture & Healing Arts and Dre shared that the bamboo artwork behind the front desk was recently added by Renee who is the Director.

I was then escorted to the very clean and serene treatment room where Dre and I discussed what I had hoped to get out of today’s maasage . My answer is always the same. What do all moms want, say it with me “RELAXTION” ! He explained he will be using coconut oil and would recommened I try Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. I learned that Massage & Healthy Living is the only place in Cary, NC to offer this therapy and wanted to experience something new to help me reach my optimal health and wellness goals.
Let me just say my  experience with Ashiatsu was AMAZING!

Per my friend Google, here is a good explanation of What Ashiatsu is: Positioned above the client and balancing on parallel bars attached to the ceiling, the therapist uses their feet instead of their hands to combat deep tension. Therapists are quick to point out that they’re not stepping on people so much as using the bars overhead to vary the amount of pressure and weight they’re putting on a client’s body. It almost looks like they’re dancing (while working out their biceps).

I’ll be honest when I saw the bar overhead and he explained that he would be using his feet which provides a deep tissue massage I thought what is this 50 Shades of Massage ?! LOL But after talking with him I trusted that he was very knowledgeable and attentive. I learned that he taught yoga for years and just felt comfortable that this massage would be therapy not just for my body but mind. He also used his hands during my massage and offers Swedish, Sports, Pre-Natal, Deep Tissue and More!

I would recommend making a sixty minute session for yourself and/or loved one who needs a thorough massage to eliminate  any “knots” or “kinks” you may not even know you had!  I am giving this place a 5 star *****review because it pleased all 5 of my sensessight (clean and serene decor), smell (aromas-I loved the blends of oils used such as eucalyptus/frankincense), touch (great pressure and healing), sound (music/no outside disturbances ), taste (refreshing beverages available, assorted tea/water). I now see why since 2001, Massage & Healthy Living is the go-to therapeutic massage studio for the Triangle, NC!

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Celebrate #wellnesswednesday by making an appointment today!

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