#BringItLiveTour takes #Raleigh on a ride @DECRaleigh @BringItLifetime #DD4L ! #soNCsavvy RECAP #bringit

On July 13,2016 , Coach D and her Dancing Dolls of Lifetime’s Bring It! came to Raleigh, NC to show off and show out at Duke Energy Center for The Performing Arts as part of the “Bring It! Live” tour. SobeSavvy.com joined fans to see the Dance Team Grand Champions & TV stars, known for their high-kicks and hair-flips , on their first tour! 

Whether you watch the Lifetime show, where Bring It! has aired for three seasons and counting, or have seen the Dancing Dolls compete across the country, anyone who goes to see these dancers on tour would enjoy their performances! Coach D told the Raleigh audience to strap in, buckle up and prepare ourselves for a rollercoaster ride because the Dancing Dolls came ready to thrill us! 

Once the DJ dropped the beat and yelled  DD4L , the crowd filled with young kids, teenagers, young adults and parents stood up on their feet to see the high-octane dance and athleticism that these dancers have brought to the hip-hop majorette world. The dance routines are filled with hip-shakes that could cause an earthquake, death drops, splits, and their own brand of power and energy, which has earned them more than 100 trophies! 

This tour showcased their other dance styles as well, from ballet, jazz, to a moving contemporary dance piece paying tribute to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as seen here:

We were reminded that a “Change is Gonna Come” and to not only be inspired but to be inspiring ! I believe the best is yet to come for Coach D and these women on their dance/life journey and encourage you to support and attend this tour coming to a city near you! 

Details about the show can be found at bringitlivetour.com. Check out #BringItLiveTour to see what others have said about this amazing show!  Here are a few photos /video of last night’s tour stop in Raleigh!                                   

Fans Outside the beautiful Raleigh Memorial Auditorium,home to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

A DJ inside the lobby gets the party started!

This group of family/friends show up in the Dancing Dolls team color :RED!

Fresh Empire was there providing a free and fun photo op with props with their important message to : Keep It Fresh, Live Tobacco Free

They even gave young teens the opportunity to spin to win free prizes! See more #FreshEvents @FreshEmpire

Bring It ! Live swag for sale

This little girl is warming up before the show, rocking her DD4L tee! 

The DJ inside the auditorium is keeping the party going as fans are being seated before…..SHOWTIME !

Say it with me: DD4L ! 

One thought on “#BringItLiveTour takes #Raleigh on a ride @DECRaleigh @BringItLifetime #DD4L ! #soNCsavvy RECAP #bringit

  1. Latisha Hopkins says:

    It was a awesome show. I watch the Lifetime show with my girls and the tour was more then what I expected it to be. It was entertaining and inspirational. Coach does spoke life into everyone in attendanc . She encouraged not only the children but the parents as well. Sobesavvy, great job covering this event. #DD4L

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