This #TransformationTuesday, Buy some fun #fashion #fitness #yoga #leggings by @vrsgymfashion !


In February, I joined the Instagram yoga challenge and I was selected as one of the winners!

It was an honor to receive a pair of leggings from VRS GYM FASHION and I could not wait to celebrate Transformation Tuesday on this new month of March in my new pair of Kula Leggings!image

I opened the package and said to myself, “These leggings are everything” . I can’t wait to try them out at my Zumba class tonight. Zumba is one of those classes where fashion and fitness come together. They are a fantastic Brazilian company that specialize in active leggings for yoga, for fitness, for everyday fashion. Made out of Polyamide and Elastane they fit like a glove and move and stretch as my body does. On their website, they say these feel like “second skin”. I soon found that to be the truth.

These come in various fun styles that will inspire you to feel good about yourself while working out and staying healthy. I love leggings that provide style and comfort so no matter what I am doing, I feel fabulous while doing it!

They have so many color and pattern styles to make sure every woman can find something they like. What I really love about them that unlike other leggings the wide waistband are designed to wear high, low or even folded over.

As a practicing Yogi, I also loved to practice my various Yoga moves while wearing these. I finally found active leggings that fit my active lifestyle.




This style of yoga-inspired leggings is called Kula leggings. The high quality fabric is soft and the colors are vibrant . They come in a variety of styles and colors, so there is something for everyone.

* We have something special for our SobeSavvy.Com readers.. from March 1 2016 thru March 31st 2016 use coupon code March2016 and receive 25% off !(including sales)

Visit their website for products and new arrivals at http://www.vrsgynfashion.comimage


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