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Hey Raleigh….are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Well there is nothing to fear but lots to cheer for at this family friendly performance of The Wolf! This encore production is back by popular demand and runs from March 3-20 at the Kennedy Theatre.

Theatre Raleigh‘s Theatre for Young Audiences production of The Wolf is “a story of courage, redemption and baked goods.” The Wolf, played by the talented Quincy Ellis, is the antagonist from all your favorite Fairy Tales…  Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Remember all those cautionary tales from our childhood? Well now you have the opportunity to join Peter, Little Red and the Three Little Pigs as they band together to defeat the Wolf!

This Saturday, I attended the 3 pm show with my husband and 4 yr old daughter who was a bit concerned if the show was going to be “scary”. I assured her the wolf was not real and by the end of the show she was quite a fan of the wolf!
Our physical proximity to the production added a unique level of intimacy rarely seen in today’s performing arts. The story was told on a level that the kids could comprehend. Dancing and music are interwoven seamlessly in the play. 
We watched the animals do popular dances like the “whip and nae nae ” on the farm. That was some very clever choreography to modernize these childhood classics and bring these stories up to date!
We got a chance to briefly meet Director/Choreographer, Lauren Kennedy and like her I am extremely excited about what Theatre Raleigh has planned for their new Family Series!

The Wolf is a celebration of the power of teamwork and determination. Great life lessons to learn for the whole family. Tickets are $15/adults and $10/children and are available at http://www.theatreraleigh.com.   Group rates available by calling the box office – 919-832-9997.

So grab the kids, tell your friends and plan to see a great show that brings dance, theatre and imagination together in a whole new way!
Here is some video to wet your appetite:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXmItXsZ4Ak&feature=youtu.be


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