#WineWednesday spotlight on #NCWine from @DuplinWinery for #NCWineMonth ! #DuplinWine #NC

Wine lovers rejoice ! September is NC Wine Month…a time to celebrate the state’s $1.7 billion wine and grape industry. “North Carolina is home to more than 180 wineries, and each one is as unique as the wines it offers,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “On top of that, the state has 525 grape growers from the mountains to the coast.”

We here at SobeSavvy.com kicked off our celebration with some muscadine wine. Not just ANY wine but Duplin wine. It is the world’s largest Muscadine winery and the oldest operating winery. My first introduction to Duplin wines was when a dear friend bought over a bottle as a housewarming gift when we moved to NC over a year ago. I have been a fan of the “cool,sweet,easy” wine ever since ! 

Duplin was established in 1975 in Rose Hill, NC and they have a fiercely
loyal following, not only in the south but nationwide. Sweet Muscadine wine is
what they make and that is what their customers love! Recently we had a chance to review two of their wines: Carolina Red Reserve and Sippin’Sweet Muscadine 

Carolina Red Reserve was up first. This is what I would call a “semi
formal” choice. The bottle itself is beautiful, so our expectations were pretty
high. We had this one afternoon at a sit down lunch. It was lush and very
smooth. It paired well with our seafood entree. We even used our custom Duplin
wine glasses we received when we did the tour at their N.Myrtle Beach winery location over the summer.

A few days later we decided to try out their Sippin’ Sweet Muscadine wine.
It’s hand bottled exclusively at their N.Myrtle Beach location in a classic
mason jar. A much more casual affair than the Carolina Reserve ! We had it with
some take out and it was awesome. Light and mildly sweet . We had to slow down
our sips which had turned into gulps! This is a the perfect choice for outdoor
patio BBQ or a Netflix and chill night at home. Sure to be a favorite of
everyone’s this Sippin Sweet is a bonafide winner.

Duplin has a variety of muscadine wine choices, so there is something for
everyone. They revel in not being a “snooty” wine. They like for folks to use
the “PDR” method when consuming their products. Pour…Drink..Repeat !

Duplin Winery is one of the many wineries offering a variety of special events in September, from wine tastings and grape stomps to music festivals and farm-to-table dinners. On Sept. 10  Duplin Winery is holding their annual event : Duplin Winery’s Grape Stomp in Rose Hill  I am sad to miss it but plan to make a trip out to that winery soon as I hear they have a fabulous bistro as well !

Savvy tip: Want to have your own wine tasting at home? Get a Duplin six bottle pack at a great price here and celebrate NC Wine Month before September ends! 




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