Celebrate #NationalTacoDay EVERYDAY @Chilis & Enjoy your choice of 3 ‘Top Shelf’ #Tacos

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post, however 100% of the opinions are my own. 
You’ve heard of “Taco Tuesday” ..it’s a day taco lovers rejoice and enjoy delicious tacos. Well yesterday, Tuesday October 4th was not only Taco Tuesday, but National Taco Day. In honor of this day, I dined at Chili’s to try their exciting taco creations! If you are tired of the same ground beef or chicken tacos then make your way to Chili’s and try their own line of “Top Shelf Tacos“.

They come in trio orders with citrus chili rice & black beans, sliced avocado and house pico de gallo and queso fresco. They have four types: Prime Rib {yup, you read that right!}, Spicy Shrimp, Carnitas and Ranchero Chicken. Here is a close up of my Prime Rib Taco.

You can order 3 of one or mix and match. You can not go wrong with any of these tacos. All fresh and made to order. They had our mouths watering so we wanted something good to drink to go with them. MARGARITAS! Not just any Margarita mind you but one of their premium El Nino Margaritas , hand shaken with Herradura Tequila. Tacos and Tequila are a match made in taste bud heaven and Chili’s pairing is awesome!

Isn’t it great you don’t have to wait until a National Day or Taco Tuesday to have amazing tacos ?! Next time you are in the mood, head to your nearest Chili’s and enjoy Mexico without a passport ! Viva La Chilli’s !!

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