5 Zen-Tastic Books To Read For Your Wellness From @MangoPublishing

According to Forbes list of 10 Wellness Trends You Have To Try In 2019, “finding big meaning in small rituals”, “unplugging from the digital world” and “workouts for the soul” are just some of the ways you can add some Zen to your life.

In my opinion, you can never have too much Zen. For example, I recently created a meditation space for myself that I call the “Zen Spot“…

…..as well as a little “Zen Den” for my daughter to read/relax in.

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After creating a little Zen Spot of my own (see last post), I was motivated to give our 7 y/o daughter one. She is going to be so surprised to see this relaxing #readingnook I created in her room! I just moved some things around (like the dollhouse she hardly plays with), hit up a few of my fave neighborhood stores for some sale items(see instastory to see from where) and VIOLA!💫 ——————– Do you have a dedicated reading space in your home for yourself or child? 📚 —————– #SobeSavvy #Lifestyleblogger #MomBlogger #raiseareader #reading #readingspace #kidsroom #kidsroomdecor #girlmom #girlroomdecor #DIY #happyhome #organization #readingismagic #diversebooks #readingisfun #mondaymotivation #booklover #momlife #RaleighBlogger #Raleighmoms #bookstagram #childrensbooks #outandaboutAvareads

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Did you know reading is a key wellness practice? It is proven to reduce stress, build empathy, and even lessen sugar cravings! It’s nice to have these peaceful nooks at home to which I recently added these 5 Zen-tastic Books To Read For Your Wellness from Mango.


As someone who has been gifted stones and have always admired the beauty of crystals, I was intrigued by this book. I wanted to learn more and discover what lies behind or shall I say within these gems. This book is a fun, entertaining and enlightening guide to the magical uses of crystals and the powers of stones.


What is the divine feminine? Who is the goddess Oshun? Why is “herstory” an essential part of our cultural legacy? Goddess Power is a book that will answer those questions and more! Informative, Inspiring , Insightful and Important~ these are just four words that I would use to descibe why I enjoy this book.


No matter when or how you pray, this book was written to show you the way thru words of encouragement, inspiring quotes, poems and meditations. Becca Anderson has done an amazing job at gathering a year’s worth of prayers by and for women for every occasion. I have found that reading from this devotional each day has impacted my spirit in a positive way.


Our daughter wants a dog but since that is not happening anytime soon, she was happy to receive this book filled with adorable photos of mindful mutts and dharma dogs! Zen Dogs offers key lessons on how to live in the now. Dog lovers will enjoy reading the timeless teachings of Buddhism, meditations and eternal truths while enjoying the pictures of so many cute canines.


As a 45 yr old Mom of a 7 year old, it is important for me to prepare for my second half of life. I want to do everything I can to not only age with grace but to live long and prosper. It’s every parents wish to be here for as long as we can to see the growth of our children. Super Ager is a ‘how-to’ book that compiles a comprehensive look at what others are doing to be healthy at age 100 and beyond! I’m ready to increase my lifespan and my healthspan with this book.

📚SobeSavvy Tip: Find these great books and more from amazing authors at >>>> Mango.

I am so looking forward to curling up with these books and learning from each of them. So if you don’t hear from me, I’ll be somewhere reading. Which one of these books would you add to your collection or gift to someone?

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16 thoughts on “5 Zen-Tastic Books To Read For Your Wellness From @MangoPublishing

  1. Reading clears my mind, so I totally get it. I would enjoy the women’s book of prayers. My “Zen Den” is my arts and crafts room. It’s filled with things that make me happy.

  2. This is a great list. I think I’d really like the Women’s Book of Prayers, and though I’m only 32, I’m intrigued by the Super Ager book as well, because I’m definitely trying to continuing to be healthy, active, and look good as I continue to age.

  3. lauren4man1 says:

    That book of prayers looks like a good one for me. I have such a hard time sitting still and centering myself to pray and meditate.

  4. nadaliebardo says:

    I’m not sure how I’ve never heard of any of these books! I really need to get my read on. One can always be more zen.

  5. Danielle L Williams says:

    I love to get away to my space for prayer and meditation. I’ve chosen a place as mine but it’s missing the “Zen Spot” touch. I love how your Zen Spot sets the mood.

  6. Loved all of this and how you made a nook for your daughter as well <3 My studio is my zen nest with colors for mine and my customers healing and a rose quartz + tourmaline always charging in the sun on my window so clearly I feel this post so hard! Also I have Feng Shui for Cats and we made his closest into a kitty zen den. He has anxiety like me LOL

    • SobeSavvy says:

      Oh wow…thanks for sharing! I bet the kitty zen den is so cute. Anxiety or not, we all could use some peace. I have a Rose Qiartz too and will look up what Tourmaline is.

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