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Today is National Rum Day {Yes, it really is. Google it if you don’t believe me !} So we here at SobeSavvy decided to come up with the perfect cocktail to celebrate this annual Rum holiday. We always use Gubba Rum for life’s celebrations big or small! There are a lot of choices but Gubba stands out for their quality and amazing smooth taste.

This bottle is currently on a 2nd production run, which is even smoother and richer tasting than the original !
Per their website http://gubbarum.com/,Gubba Rums are inspired by using a technique that dates back to the 1800’s. These artisanal, organic and naturally infused rums are made from pure cane and the finest fruits, spices and herbs the world has to offer.

We chose their Silver which is infused with coconut. Coconut and lime is a great marriage. See our cocktail receipe below. It is carribean in a glass { Pineapple} !

Coconut Rum Spiked Ginger Beer in a Pineapple
Fill Freshly cored Pineapple with ice :

4 parts Gubba Rum Silver
Squeeze Fresh Lime Juice
4 Parts Ginger Beer Soda
2 part simple syrup

Feet up, put on Wailers Playlist and enjoy a Gubba Rum cocktail ! 

#SobeSavvy .Com Celebrates #NationalRumPunchDay with @GubbaRum! #GubbaRum #CocktailRecipes #Rum


2PM Sunday Afternoon in Miami. 91 Degrees and I’m thirsty. Not for water and not for wine. I want something tropical. Something tropical with a punch. Like a Rum Punch. Lucky for me, Sunday was NATIONAL RUM PUNCH DAY ! It’s celebrated every year on the 20th of September. I needed a top shelf rum. I was in the mood for a white rum. With infused flavors of coconut. I went for my all time favorite. Gubba Rum Silver.http://gubbarum.com/rum/paradise-bay-silver/ It is an artisanal rum that they describe as “wicked smooth”. I couldn’t agree more. It’s made using pure (Agricultural) Organic Cane and Organic Coconut.

My hubby and I strolled down to the bayside park to watch sailboats. Gubba Rum joined us as we sipped on a rum punch{or two} that we made using cranberry, orange and pineapple juices. The subtle coconut flavor profile of their Silver rum really makes this cocktail exceptional. Perfect drink. Perfect Place. Gubba Rum may not be the biggest name in the Rum world but they don’t seem to strive for that. But in my opinion {and it will be yours too !} they are the best.

Get a bottle now and you too can have a “vacation in a glass” with Gubba Rum.

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